ProNestor Display


The foundations for proNestor were laid in the years around the millennium. Based in Denmark, its mission and focus have been on developing and selling one of the most effective software solutions for:

  1.       simplifying companies’ working procedures related to meeting and resource booking as well as optimizing the use of companies resources;

  2.       providing companies with a secure and professional way of handling and welcoming external visitors.

PRONESTOR DISPLAY shows meeting activities on digital screens outside meeting rooms, in receptions, in

meeting areas and on mobile devices - You get an elegant, contemporary and professional solution.





  1.       Save money and resources by optimizing the use of your meeting facilities (avoid “empty” meetings).

  2.       Branding opportunity - Customize the layout and use the screens for messages and elements that support branding of your company and your products.

  3.       Modern and professional solution - enhance your corporate image and complement your office decor.

  4.       Facilitate easy on-the-spot booking - E.g. book a room directly on the screen and see when the next meeting begins.

  5.       User-friendly and cost competitive product.

  6.       Hardware independent solution - use iPads, Windows and Android based tablets and other monitors with a web browser.



Optimize the use of your meeting facilities and save money


PRONESTOR DISPLAY optimizes the use of your meeting facilities so that confusion and “empty” meetings

are minimized. A greater transparency and flexibility around booking of meeting facilities is achieved and

the waste of resources is minimized. You will be able to close down some meeting rooms and in that way

save money on otherwise empty square feet, electricity, heating etc. in the meeting rooms you do not use.


To learn more about PRONESTOR DISPLAY, contact us at or visit proNestor’s website at

Being a globally well-known software vendor, proNestor creates the most effective IT-solutions for the optimization of working procedures in relation to meeting and resource booking within both private and public companies. 


Lycus Solutions is proud to be its distributor for the renowned PRONESTOR DISPLAY Enterprise Solution in the Hong Kong and Macau regions.