PRS series HDMI cable


Key Features:

  1.     ProGrip™ connectors keep cables firmly in place with 3kg / 6.6lb retention force

  2.      ProGrip™ connectors are designed for permanent connection

  3.     Slim die cast metal shell fits into 3/4” or 19mm conduit pipes

  4.     Competitively priced, yet still offering class-leading reliability, compliance and claimed performance

Technical Notes:

•     OFC solid-core TMDS conductors for high signal quality

•     Heavy-duty shielding for extreme noise environments

•     CMG in-wall fire-rated jacket

•     High Speed - supports 4K and 3D video up to 18.0m / 59’, regardless of the length chosen

Installation Notes:

•     ProGrip™ connectors are designed for permanent connection. Retention force will reduce to standard levels

      with repeated insertion/extraction.

•     PRS cables over 7.5m / 24’7” utilize RedMere IC technology.

      These cables are directional and must be connected with the RedMere-equipped end at the sink device.

Warranty: PRS cables without RedMere have an Immortal Lifetime Warranty.

PRS cables with RedMere (7.5m / 24’7” and over) have a one year warranty.