Key Features:

•   Slim, flexible, round profile cables with installer-friendly packaging

•   Shallow mounting depth fits into conduit pipes

•   ProFit™ connector fits firmly into HDMI receptacle without falling out

Technical Notes:

  1.    Ultra-sonic automated soldered free air terminals reduces capacitance and digital jitter for consistently high date rate

  2.    B.O.S.S. termination for consistent and reliable signal integrity

  3.   OFC solid-core TMDS conductors for high performance

•   CMG in-wall fire rated jacket

  1.   1kg retention force

  2.   HDMI compliant

  3.   Eleven lengths from 0.5m / 1’7” to 20.0m / 65’7”

  4.   Round geometry, flexible and slimline design made for easy installation going through conduit pipes

  5.   100% HDMI Compliance ensures certifiable performance

  6.   ProFit™ Connectors fit firmly into HDMI receptacle without falling out

  7.   All lengths support FULL HD 1080p*

  8. *  1080p @ 24/50/60Hz, 8 bits per channel color.  

  9. *  Higher refresh rates and/or Deep Color supported on High Speed models only, others by trial application.

  10.   RoHS Compliant

  11.   Kordz® IMMORTAL lifetime warranty

Warranty: Pro cables are protected by our Immortal Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty will never expire while the product is being used as designed.

PRO series HDMI cable